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Elizabeth Reid Dunkerley


Therapeutic Massage and Signature Treatments.

As a recognized therapist, Elizabeth has developed a range of massage treatments to restore and rebalance the harmony in your body.

Her signature massage treatments are designed to work on two levels, first to eliminate the toxins and reduce the tension we hold in our muscles, then to stimulate the microcirculation and oxygen flow to the lower skin cells, encouraging cell regeneration and improved skin tone.

Therapeutic aromatherapy massage with plant essential oils may help to reduce tensions and stress held in muscles; whilst the aroma of the essential oils has a profound psychological effect capable of influencing our emotions and mood.

Positive and long lasting results may be achieved with aromatherapy to help improve both physical and emotional well being.

As a qualified aromatherapist following a thorough consultation Elizabeth is able to choose and blend selected essential oils to enhance and strengthen the effects of the treatment.

To experience a treatment with Elizabeth telephone the York Clinic 01904 709 688

Elizabeth Reid Dunkerley at the York Clinic, 296 Tadcaster Road, York, UK


Elizabeth Reid Dunkerley is a member of the FHT Federation of Holistic Therapists


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